5 Worst Things The Movers Packed

by Amber M., Author of Airing My Laundry: One Post at a Time

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"And please don't pack that," I told the movers, nodding to our black trash can in the corner of the room. 

Technically, it's my fault the movers ended up packing the trash can filled with our trash. I should have made a sign that said DO NOT PACK! and placed it on the can. But I assumed no one would think to pack the garbage.

I was wrong.

In my defense, it was my first PCS as a married woman. I was young and I didn't know any better. Now I do.

Still, after going through multiple moves (5 currently as a married woman, over 10 in total because I was a military brat), I have learned to make signs with DO NOT PACK or STOP! DO NOT PACK ME! (I put this one against the cat as a joke. But then I read an article where the movers DID pack a cat so maybe I was being smart..) 

Throughout all the times we've PCSed, I have discovered some odd things that the movers have packed of ours. 

1 ) The trash can with the trash inside of it. I mentioned this above and I'm mentioning it again because I still cannot believe it. I mean, why? Lucky for us, there was nothing rotting. It was mostly plastic and paper plates. I feel for the people who have had their trash packed and it reeked and possibly leaked all over other items. 

2) My daughter's half eaten cookie. She was munching on it when our stuff was being packed and left it on her dresser. I found the hardened cookie inside a dresser drawer. I guess the packers thought she might want it later.

3) My son's (used) tissue. He has a shelf in his headboard for the bed and left it there. When we unwrapped the headboard, there was the tissue with boogers. I mean, I guess I can't blame the movers. I wouldn't want to touch a soiled Kleenex. I now remind my son to make sure all his gross items are tossed out. 

4) Is that...cat feces? Thankfully no, it wasn't, but it was a hardened Tootsie Roll against our dryer. It caused panic in the beginning though. I told my husband to sniff it and he was like, "No way, you sniff it!" and I was all, "No way, I pushed out our children!" And then my daughter was like, "I'LL sniff it," and proclaimed it to be a Tootsie Roll. Phew.

5) The toilet brush. Again, it was technically my fault. I should have thrown it away (but then again, had I thrown it in the trash they packed, it wouldn't have mattered..), but I assumed no one would want to go near the toilet brush. I mean, they didn't want to touch my son's tissue, so why would anyone go near a TOILET brush? 

PCSing can be quite an adventure to begin with. After all, you're packing up and starting anew. But it can be even more interesting when you're unpacking and you discover your garbage. 

Have the movers ever packed anything odd during one of your PCSs? 

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