5 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited to PCS

Each PCS brings its own challenges, even for adults. But the whole process is even harder on kids, who may not be able to understand what’s happening (and if they do, they may still hate it!). We asked some military mamas what their best tips were for get their kids on board with a PCS — here’s what they said:

Get them involved in the house hunt.

military kids pcs house hunt

If your child is old enough, let them look through pictures of houses in your new location with you. Give them several rooms to choose from and let them choose theirs when you find “the house.”

Read books.

military kid pcs books

There are tons of great books out there that can help your kids learn about what it’s like to move. From learning about what emotions to expect to just finding out that they’re not alone in how they’re feeling, books are a great resource for PCSing.

Color moving boxes.

military child pcs color boxes

Gather your kids and some art supplies for a day of crafting. Let them decorate the boxes that their favorite toys will be packed in. If they’re worried that the box will be lost, help them imagine that they’re coloring a magical layer of protection onto the box. Either way, the sight of their very distinct boxes will be a highlight for them on move-in day.

Use maps and do research.

military child pcs map

Find a large wall map or an atlas and show your kids where they currently are and where they’re headed to. Then tell them about what kinds of fun things there will be to do in the next place. If your child has favorite hang-out spots, look for places that are similar in the new location so that you can highlight them.

Redesign bedrooms.

Military kid bedroom

For older kids, an inexpensive bedroom re-design may be just the trick. Agree to let them pick out a new comforter and a few other decor items for the next house. (Bonus: you can then sell the items they’re not keeping!) If you are purchasing a house, you could even purchase some colorable wallpaper from MailPix so that they can make the room their own.

Special thanks to Jess B. and Jana P. for sharing their ideas!