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Milspouses are makers. They make houses into homes all over the world. They create communities wherever the military sends them. They make the best of the hands they're dealt. And despite all of the challenges they face, they never give up. That's why so many spouses don't accept the extraordinarily high unemployment rates that plague our community — instead, they literally become makers. Creators. Small business owners. Artisans. When you choose to buy Milspouse Made items, you support military families everywhere!

 ~ Clothing & Accessories ~

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Amy Morgan & Co.

Hand stamped and handmade jewelry and keepsakes.

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Charliemadison Originals

Jewelry that inspires you and reminds you of what's important in life.

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Cultural Detour

Soulful textiles reimagined.

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The Glitsea Gypsy

Handcrafted jewelry made from sea glass and other beautiful beach finds.

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Grins & Grace

Witty mom apparel inspired by honest mom moments.

Pretty Knotty Fit Ties

High-performing hair ties for athletes and active users.

The Rosie Project

Apparel for the modern military family.

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Willow Grace Shop

Handmade accessories for ladies and gentlemen of all ages.

Are you a Milspouse Maker? Contact us to add your shop to the gallery! Don't see your category? Don't worry — we're happy to expand.

~ Home & Art ~

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Cali Attwood Home

Home decor that tells the story of who you are.

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Farmer & Belle

Hand-poured, 100% soy wax candles.

~ Bath & Body ~

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Bombardiers Bliss

All natural, essential oil bath bombs and bath products.

~ Food & Drinks ~

Lush Wine Mix & Cocktails

Delicious, organic, gourmet frozen wine cocktails.

~ For the Littles ~

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Beat Navy Dress Co

Handmade children's clothes.

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Rocco & Norah

A clothing and accessory brand based in love, faith, and a bit of rebellion.

~ Office & Paper Goods ~

ashley bunten art and design

Ashley Bunten Art & Design

A design studio with beautiful custom invitations and cards, art prints, stationery, and original watercolors.

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Brilliant Life Shop

A planner for every woman with great big dreams and an even bigger heart.

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Countdowns & Cupcakes

Thoughtful care package decor and other military items.

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Sign Spangled Studios

Fullfilling your sarcastic and cute greeting card needs.

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Teaspoon of Nose

Foil pressed stationery, paper goods, and party supplies.