10 Toys That Are Great for Traveling!

travel with military kids

When Christmas rolls around, one of the best moments for every parent is watching their kids' faces light up at the sight of holiday fun and presents that they're thrilled to open. A parents' worst nightmare is figuring out what to do with all those mountains of toys ... especially for a military parent who has to ship those toys all over the world every few years. 

And yet, we need the toys to keep kids occupied and entertained, especially when you're traveling as a family. One great option is to stop at a dollar store to grab a few surprise toys for your kids to receive during your journey. However, if there's no time to go to yet another store during the holiday season, here are some awesome toys that are inexpensive enough that you won't feel bad donating them after they've served their purpose for your family travels. And a few of them may even be nice to keep around for all of your future travels!