OCONUS in South Korea


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Welcome to Korea!

This video from the 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade gives a military-specific overview of moving to Korea.

Top 7 Travel Tips for South Korea

This video offers great tips, including apps to download before you go. If you’re interested in learning about Korean culture, this YouTube channel is a great, albeit quirky, resource.

Getting by in Korea Without Knowing Korean

Are you concerned about moving to Korea without knowing any of the language? Here’s a great perspective from a couple that’s lived in Korea (as teachers and YouTubers) for years.

Korea Vacation Travel Guide

To find out what types of fun activities you will have the opportunity to do in South Korea, check out this video by Expedia. It also gives you a good visual overview of what you can expect there.

The Threat of North Korea

Your assignment to South Korea is probably a shock for your family and friends. You may wonder if it’s safe to join your service member in this assignment with South Korea’s rowdy northern neighbor. This video may help you gain some perspective, as will a quick post in one of the military spouse Facebook groups for the region.