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Ramstein How-To Playlist

Check out Ramstein Air Base’s YouTube channel for tons of how-tos. With this playlist, you’ll find most of the information you need for your OCONUS move to Germany. Some information may be specific to Ramstein AB, so pay close attention if you are headed to a different installation in Germany.

PCS To Germany Part 1: Prepping For The Move

This is a longer video by a military spouse about things to consider before you head to Germany. This is a great overview of things to consider, and it covers some of the paperwork you should start working on … now!

PCSing to Germany?

Here’s another military spouse; this video covers some pointers on beauty products and also goes over on and off base housing. This spouse chose to live off base, so be sure to check her video out if you are considering doing the same. She also shares some useful websites!

Renting In Germany And What To Expect

If you’re considering living off base in Germany, here are tips for renters from a German. Be sure to run all documents by legal before signing!

The DON’Ts of Visiting Germany

Want to be respectful of German culture while you’re living there? Check this video out to avoid any faux pas.

5 Things NOT FREE in Germany, but FREE in USA!

This is a fun little video to help you avoid awkward moments and surprises.