5 Ways to Transform Your Rental

Living in a rental used to mean living in a space with four white walls and the cheapest light fixtures available. Options for warming a space or making it more home-y were limited to the furniture and curtains you brought yourself. But life in rentals has been improving by leaps and bounds — so what’s new in decorating that won’t cost you your security deposit?

Number 1

Temporary wallpaper

If you’ve watched HGTV lately, you know that wallpaper is making a comeback in high design with sleek, modern patterns. Although removal is notoriously the worst

Tempaper Marrakesh Design

Via Tempaper Designs

part about having wallpaper, someone of unspeakable genius came up with a temporary — and easily removable — option! With designs for every aesthetic, companies like Tempaper Designs are revolutionizing the rental design game.

Numbers 2

Curtains are not new to home décor, but modern trends for hanging them can transform any room and disguise a multitude of flaws. Here’s what you need to keep in mind for elegant, room-transforming window treatments:

  • Maximize ceiling height by hanging curtain rods halfway between the top of the window and the ceiling (or higher, if you want).
  • Make your windows appear as large and luxurious as possible by using curtain rods that are at least 12 inches wider than your window. Each end should extend at least 6 inches beyond the window edge, if you have the space.
  • If your panels are not wide enough to close but still appear luxuriously wavy, use multiple panels.
  • NEVER use curtains that are too short for your window. Whether they just graze the floor or pool in haute puddles, your curtains should always reach the ground.

Numbers 3Fabric art

If wallpaper is too adventurous for you, a cheaper, but still effective option is covering large canvases or foam boards with fabric. These works of art also offer a much wider array of options (have you ever walked through Jo-Ann’s?) than the emerging temporary wallpaper industry. Foam boards and canvases are also light enough that you can hang large pieces with big impacts without damaging walls. Check out this tutorial to get your project started!


Via Lowes.com

Numbers 4Light fixtures

How many rentals have you seen with jaw-dropping light fixtures? Probably not very many. But the reality is that light fixtures are pretty easy to change out. As long as you use a fixture that has a ceiling footprint similar to the existing fixture, and you keep the original fixture to re-install when you move, you can customize as much as you want. A chandelier can transform a boring dining room, and a pendant light over your kitchen sink can add much-needed style. The great thing is that if you choose versatile fixtures that you absolutely love, you can take them down, pack them, and take them to your next home!

GNumbers 5allery wall


Via Style by Emily Henderson, Shot by Zeke Ruelas

A gallery wall is a great, temporary way to turn a blank wall into a canvas. Whether you choose to use family pictures or pieces that embody your styleand personality, a collage of frames, pictures, and art will transform any space. Get a designer’s tips for creating a gallery wall with Emily Henderson, but also consider using Momtastic’s tips to avoid putting a ton of holes in your wall.