8 Ways to Appreciate Your Military Kids


celebrate your military kid

This month is the official appreciation month for military children. Although you probably appreciate your children all the time, here are a few ideas to make this month extra special for them.

pray for military kids

Pray with Them

Prayer is the most powerful and meaningful thing we can do for our kids. While you probably already pray for them on a regular basis, take a minute to say a prayer with them. During your turn, express your thanks to God for the blessing of your child and pray for their struggles in this military lifestyle. Then, give them the chance to pray about military life. You’ll not only show your child how much you appreciate them, you’ll model a great prayer life!


party for military kids

Throw a Military Kid Party

A party is a great way to make kids feel special. And don’t worry: we don’t mean you need to go crazy. If you live in a neighborhood with lots of military kids, all you really need is a cake and a park for them to play in. You could go the extra mile with party hats and banners, but nothing says celebration like a cake from the grocery store.


put down your phone

Put Down Your Phone

Have you ever tried to consciously track how many times each day you pick up your phone? Your kids may not be keeping a tally, but they notice. Make your family room a no-phone zone, and give your kid some regular “no-phone” time, where they get all of your attention.


gratitude journal for military kid

Gratitude Journal

This month, keep a gratitude journal about all of the things you’re thankful for about your child. Be sure to include plenty of elements of military life where they make a difference. Then, at the end of the month, give your child the journal. If you have younger children, this could be an incredibly meaningful long-term project, where you gift the journal at a certain age. Appreciation for the sacrifices military kids make doesn’t have to stop at one month.