8 Hilarious Acronyms to Describe Milspouse Life

One of the most difficult things for civilians-turned-spouses to understand about the military is the excessive use of acronyms. But eventually, they all become second nature, right? That’s why we invented a few for military spouse life.

MCCM – Moving Cross Country Meltdown

That moment in the car when the kids are screaming or in your house (old or new) where you have a little (or nuclear) meltdown over something that seems insignificant to everyone but you.

RFM – Random Food Meal

A filling combination of food you pick off of your kids’ plates or eat straight from the fridge and compliment with lean cuisines, popcorn, and ice cream when you’re the only adult you need to feed.

PTB – Pre-Trip Bickering

The random and meaningless spats about nothing that rear their ugly heads before a TDY or deployment.

NDM – No Dad Monster

The terrifying and infuriating form that at least one of your children assumes for at least some portion of a TDY or deployment.

RB – Reunited Besties

When you land at the same base as your bestie from an assignment long ago.

ST – Spouse Tribe

The spouse friends you make who are your people.

PSS – Phantom Stuff Syndrome

The recurring cycle of thoughts where you think you had something, but can’t find it, and assume it must have been lost in a move (when in fact you chucked it the last time you purged).

IDE – Inevitable Deployment Extension

The reality that a deployment is never “just” however many months they say it is.

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