Deployment Life: As Told Through Puppy GIFs

As military spouses, we know that deployments are an inevitable part of military life. They are one of the greatest challenges we face, but they can also be full of rewarding, joyful, and downright funny moments. And when they’re not, sometimes all there is to do is laugh. So, here’s the deployment experience, as told through puppy GIFs.

When your husband tells you he’s going to deploy…

And you’re already anticipating the struggle.

And you snuggle so hard the night before he leaves.

Then the time finally comes to say goodbye.

And the madness begins…

You do your best to get on top of things.

You even get into a good rhythm, until …

Inevitably, there are a few #deploymentfails.

And doing some things alone just isn’t the same.

But you find friends who help you get through it.

You get the kids fed.

You manage to feed yourself, too.

And you even manage to shower sometimes.

You do your best to send thoughtful care packages.

After a while, you’ve got the circus tamed! Mostly…

Because you figure out how to make it work.

And before you know it, you’re prepping for homecoming.

You find the perfect outfit.

And there’s no better moment than when he’s finally home!

All GIFs via GIPHY