Emotional Stages of Getting an Overseas Assignment

Getting an overseas assignment is big news for any military spouse. At first there’s shock, then there’s excitement, then you realize how complicated it can be to move to a different country. Whether you are headed to or have already lived in Korea, Japan, Italy, Germany, or elsewhere, we know you know the feeling!


I can do this.

Well, this could be fun!

I will see all of the sights!

Do I need a new camera?

Do I need to learn the language?

Wait. We can only take how much stuff?

Not my things!!! Oh, I will miss my things!

Okay. We’re doing this. We’re really going!

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Don’t worry girl, this assignment is going to be great. All of the things that seem scary now will work themselves out. Don’t go crazy and buy a super expensive camera, unless you actually love photography. Don’t worry about learning a new language, if that’s not your jive. Like any other assignment, some things will be hard, while others will be awesome. Just try to focus on the positives, plan some fun adventures, and trust that it is all going to work out!


What other advice do you have for a military spouse who’s husband just got PCS orders to an overseas assignment? Share below to help a sister out!