Which Type of Milspouse Are You?


There's a baby shower for a fellow military spouse. You feel ...

You just got an assignment that will take your family to Germany for the next 3 years. Your first thought is ...

Your husband is leaving for a 3-week training trip. Your plans include ...

You just arrived at a new base. The first thing you do is ...

The thing you love most about military life (other than your spouse and family) is ...

What Type of Milspouse Are You?
The Second Mom

You're the responsible one. You're the one that other spouses turn to when they have a problem, because they know that you'll help them and, at the very least, lend them an ear. Sometimes you feel like being responsible is boring, but other spouses look up to you and rely on your wisdom.
The Wanderer

You're the ultimate travel buddy, but you're also content to travel alone if you have to. Either way, the wanderlust must be quenched. Your dream for this military life is to cover a world map with pins, marking all the places you've visited and all the experiences that have made you who you are. You love really digging into other cultures and finding out what they're about. You are a woman of the world!
The Millenial

You're the social media savvy one in your group. You tweet, insta, and snap to stay in touch with your friends around the world. You're up for any adventure that military life can throw your way, and you're determined to be a #bossbabe, despite the challenges of your lifestyle. You're pretty much set to conquer the world.
The Quiet One

You don't enjoy being the center of attention and you value time alone, but that doesn't mean you don't love people. You're the quiet one in the group and you wonder if other spouses really like you. The truth is that everyone adores you and thinks you're pretty much the nicest person they've ever met!
The Bestie

You're the life of the party. You can talk about anything with anyone and everyone is your friend. You're always thinking of ways to get everyone together, and you love a good laugh.

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