4 Key Tips for the Perfect 4th of July Outfit


Whether you’re hosting a party for the Fourth of July or heading out for an amazing celebration and fireworks show, Independence Day is a fun holiday to dress festively for. And as military spouses, we probably own at least a little red, white, and blue, but how do you bring it all together?

Start with the Crazy

It’s easy for a Fourth of July outfit to overwhelm people’s eyes. Red, white, and blue are bold colors, so it takes some finesse to wear them with a classy twist. Start building your outfit by deciding what will be the show-piece. Whether it’s an amazing necklace, a patterned shirt or skirt, or a pair of LuLaRoe leggings, choose just one piece that will be the center of attention.

4th of July 1


Layer with Basics

Now it’s time to balance your look to make sure all eyes are on the show piece. If you’ve chosen a great necklace, be sure to choose a solid shirt or dress to wear with it so that it stands out. If you chose a patterned skirt or legging, find a solid top so that the pattern really pops (and vice versa if you have a patterned shirt). Oh, and denim always works for the Fourth of July.

4th of July 2



If you feel like your outfits never quite look complete, this may be the step you’re skipping. Find accessories like a scarf, necklace, bracelet, or great pair of shoes to add the finishing touch to your outfit. If you have a patterned bottom piece, choose a light scarf or simple necklace that balances your solid top, but doesn’t distract the eye. If your shirt or necklace is the center of attention, throw on your cutest pair of wedges to add interest to your lower half.

4th of July 3


Go Faded

If you feel like primary colors are too bold for you, go for the subtle and sophisticated look of faded shades. You won’t feel like a popsicle at the center of attention, but everyone will still “get” your festive look. If you really want to mix up your patterns, try to stick with more faded tones so that you aren’t visually overwhelming.