Stages of Traveling Alone with the Kids for the Holidays

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s the allure of cheaper flights when you fly during the middle of the week when you’re husband can’t fly with you or he’s gone for the holidays (again) and you want to spend them with family … we all make that fateful decision to travel alone with the kids at least once (and if you haven’t, more power to you!). In all honesty, it isn’t necessarily always a disaster, but there’s always something that goes hilariously wrong along the way. And all there is to do is laugh about it! Here’s how our decision to travel alone with the kids usually plays out:

First, there’s the joy you feel when you realize how much money you’ll save by flying on a Wednesday at a crappy time (which is the time you’d have chosen anyhow due to sleep schedules).


Then, as the day draws nearer you have second thoughts.


But, that ticket is non-refundable so you WILL pull it together. A little pep talk in the mirror is all you need. You can do this!


So you pack those bags extra tight to reduce the load of stuff and kids you’re going to have to lug around.


Then, the journey begins…


And it isn’t so bad until at least one child senses your vulnerability as the lone parent. You feel instant regret.


But you do what you’ve got to do to make it through.


As you greet your family, you tell the tale of your heroism and have never been more relieved to have them around to help with the kids.


Because the reality is that you’re totally exhausted. But, hey mama, you made it!


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