7 Tips That Will Literally Revolutionize Holiday Travel With Kids


air travel with kids

5 – Airplane Seat Harness

If you aren’t planning to tote a car seat onto the airplane to strap into your child’s seat, you can also buy the only FAA approved harness to keep your child safe. It’s much lighter and easier, though it may not be as comfortable for your child. Be sure to practice using it before the flight! You don’t want to give the passengers around you a reason to be irritated with waiting before the flight even takes off.

6 – Seat Kids by the Window (or at Least Away From the Aisle)

Moms and flight staff agree that seating your child in the middle or window seat helps everyone win. Children may be entertained by what they see outside the window, parents can corral them better, and flight attendants won’t accidentally smash tiny fingers when the drink cart rolls by. The last thing you want is a kid running down the aisle during take off or landing!

7 – Pack an Extra Duffle Bag

If you’re traveling for Christmas, don’t forget to take an easily packed duffle bag for all the toys you’ll be taking home!