How Much Longer Will Your Family Stay in the Military?


If you could choose anywhere for your next assignment, you'd choose ...

How many kids do you have?

You prefer to live ...

How many years has your spouse already served?

Which would you choose for dinner?

There's a military ball coming up, so you ...

How Much Longer Will Your Family Stay in the Military?
Not Long Now

Whether you've been in for the shortest amount of time possible or you're about to retire, you're thankful for the experiences you've had in military life. BUT it's about time to settle down and relax!
You're doing 5 to 10.

You're proud of your service member, and, even though this lifestyle is hard, it's worth it. You'll stick around for a while.
3-4 Years MAX

You're having fun exploring and taking advantage of the opportunities this lifestyle has given you. However, longterm, you see your family living a different lifestyle.
You're a lifer.

This isn't just a job for your service member; it's a passion. And, though it's a challenge at times, you're a pro at making the best of this crazy lifestyle, and you'd follow your spouse to the ends of the earth.

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