4 Things Military Mamas Wish You Knew About MOPS

Whether you have preschoolers, an infant, or you’re pregnant, you need to know about MOPS. Taking the leap into motherhood can be scary, wonderful, lonely, beautiful, crazy, and full of blessings. Finding your “tribe” is essential, and you can never have too big of a tribe.

MOPS, or Mothers of Preschoolers, is an international, Christian organization for moms. “What we provide is mommy friends who get you, hope-filled insight, and speakers who know we’ve only had three hours of uninterrupted sleep last night so they better keep it interesting,” their website says. For a small fee to join, you get to meet with fellow mommies while someone else watches your kids — you really can’t beat that, can you? The groups meet in churches, and some are even run through military chapels!

military spouse mamas MOPS

Here is what your fellow military spouse mamas wish you knew about MOPS:

You, yes YOU, are welcome to join!!

Bethany: “After 4 years on a [military] MOPS group steering team, I would say: Your kids don’t have to be IN preschool; it just means before school age. You also don’t have to be part of the sponsoring chapel, or any other church, to be part of MOPS.”

It’s worth it, even when you’ve already got a military spouse tribe.

Robyn: “I would say that although I think that the military does quite a good job of caring for its community, MOPS filled a certain void that was missing in my life after having my girls. Motherhood is full of wonderful, happy moments but also has its share of overwhelming and lonely ones too. The amount of support I have gotten from my MOPS group has really helped keep my sanity at times! The instant connection and friendship I have shared with these amazing women has gotten me through tough times, and I feel grateful to be part of it.”

It’s about more than motherhood.

Abby: “MOPS is a wonderful social group, but I was surprised by the depth and structure of the meetings. I was not expecting to cover such a wide range of relevant topics from motherhood and marriage to crafts and yoga.”

It’s a place where you can be authentic.

When you move frequently and meet new people all the time, it’s easy to get into the habit of having lots of small talk. MOPS is a place to have real conversations with real women who are struggling with the same things you are. The groups are confidential and the lessons dig deep. It’s a great way to make friends who really know you — who really mean it when they ask how you’re doing.

Want to locate a group near you or learn more? Go here.

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