Top 10 Blessings of Military Marriage


military marriage 1

You Learn to Rely on Each Other

When you move to new places where you don’t know anyone but your spouse, you’re forced to figure your marriage out without lots of external interference. Your families and oldest friends aren’t in the middle of things, so all there is to do is learn to work it out TOGETHER!

You’ve Got Each Other’s Backs

The challenges of military life mean that you and your spouse have to have each other’s backs. Neither of you could sort every problem out alone, so you become the ultimate team.

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You Grow Together

All of your friends won’t move from Texas to Korea at the same time, etc. You’re the only ones on your unique military path, and the lessons you’re learning give you an even deeper bond.

You MUST Learn to Communicate

When a huge portion of a marriage is spent long distance, you might expect military marriages to suffer. But the divorce rate for military families is just 3 percent! Loving long-distance makes communication a make-it-or-break-it tool, and most military couples choose to make it.

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You Bond Through Adventure

Every new assignment brings new places to explore. With each adventure you experience together, you learn more about your spouse and keep the spark alive.

You’re More Thankful for Your Partner

You know it’s true, and science has proven, that absence makes the heart grow fonder. When your time together is limited, every moment is precious, which leads to more intentional living and loving.

You Couldn’t Admire Anyone More than Your Partner

You see ALL of your partner’s struggles and sacrifices. You see a level of selflessness in each other that you can’t help but admire and respect.

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You’ve Got Your System Down

When life’s logistics require as much team work as yours do, you figure out how to work together. You can seamlessly join forces to tackle any problem, big or small.

You’ve Survived Real Trials

From PCSs to foreign countries to long deployments to reintegration, you’ve faced real challenges together, and you’ve come out stronger. Each trial gives you a deeper understanding of each other and a new appreciation for the other person.

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That Homecoming Kiss

Reintegration can be an extremely challenging time, but somehow the joy of homecomings is never dulled by those difficulties. It’s a unique blend of emotions — from gratitude for a safe return to an overflow of love — and there’s nothing like it in the world!