We’re Dedicating 2018 to Military Marriage!

military marriage

Why did you become a military spouse?

The words “military spouse” are inevitably a part of who you are today. They describe the reality that your husband deploys and is gone for a variety of reasons for weeks or months on end. They describe your resilience and versatility in packing up your home and family every few years to move someplace new—maybe even overseas! They may not define you as a person, but those two words do say a lot about your lifestyle. But why did you sign up to be a military spouse?

Your fellow spouses here at Spousehood all did it for the same reason, and it had nothing to do with loving our country or being an American patriot. For us, it was all about love. And the men we loved just happened to be courageous, dedicated men in the military.

I became a military spouse because I fell in love. The man I loved just happened to be in the military.Click To Tweet

But the reality is that the amount of time spent apart and the number of stressful life events involved in military marriage can create a deep strain on our relationships. No marriage is ever easy, but the challenges we face as military wives are unique.

We obviously agree that our marriages are worth it. As Christians, we know that our marriages are worth it. So we are making this the year of military marriage at Spousehood. Every week, we will share a new article that helps you navigate marriage in this crazy lifestyle, and this spring, we’ll be launching our first ever marriage devotional series! We hope you’ll join us every Thursday as we strive to deepen and strengthen our military marriages.