You NEED to Pack This PCS Move-In Kit

From start to finish, the PCS process is exhausting. But there's one thing you can do to make moving into a new house much easier: pack a move-in kit! A move-in kit is just a box or plastic container filled with the supplies you will probably need immediately after moving into a new house.

Whether you make it an easily identifiable box that you send with the movers, or you keep the box with you, this kit will save you from sifting through boxes for supplies on the first night in your new home. It may also save you the cost of a night in a hotel and an immediate trip to the grocery store. Here’s what you need:

PCS Move-in Kit

Just order pizza the first night you move in to make it easy on yourself. The long and demanding journey of unwrapping the miles of paper the movers used on the rest of your belongings is still ahead. With these supplies, move-in day one will go just a little smoother!