Versatile Decor That Works for Every Holiday

When you move every few years, boxes and boxes of seasonal decor can be unappealing (not to mention that they can cost a pretty penny). There’s more to move. There’s extra packing and unpacking (and don’t we do enough of that?). And there’s more to store, which can be tricky if you ever have an OCONUS PCS.

So, what’s a military spouse with a love for seasonal decor to do? Add these versatile decor items to your repertoire so that there’s less to swap out and store!

military home decor

Mason Jars

You should buy mason jars because: A – You probably already have some. B – If you don’t, they’re super cheap (especially at Walmart). C – They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes! A mason jar filled with sparkle lights adds ambiance to any room, while a few filled with seasonal candy can add a pop of color to your kitchen countertop.

military home decor

Chalk Boards

A seasonal greeting drawn on a chalk board and decorated by you or your littles can be a fun way to add a seasonal touch to your home.

military home decor

Hurricane Vases & Candles

If mason jars are too shabby chic for your taste, you can achieve many of the same effects with a beautiful hurricane vase. After the holidays are over, fill it with coffee beans and stick a candle in for a classic, yummy smelling addition to any bookcase or console table.



Pillow Inserts

Instead of giving into the temptation of buying the adorable pillows you see in Target, buy basic white pillow inserts, so you can switch out the covers whenever you want! Pillow covers tend to be less expensive than changing out pillows, and they take less room to store!

military home decor

A Basic, But Beautiful Frame

With the vast array of free printable available on the internet, investing in a frame you really love and swapping out the image inside each season is an easy way to add holiday cheer to a room.

military home decor

Tiered Cake Stand or Tray

A cake stand is awesome for entertaining, but it can also be repurposed to add height to any tabletop display in your home. At Christmas fill one tier with ornaments, another tier with battery-powered starry lights, and the top tier with some wrapped Christmas candies for guests. If you have a serving tray or large, shallow bowl of some kind, you can achieve a similar effect by filling it with ornaments or pinecones and candles of varying sizes!